John Mayer – Born to Perform

I stumbled on this fascinating tweet with John Mayer’s thoughts on the creative process. I never checked his chart, but I instantly knew that it must be something rather special, and unsurprisingly, it is.

I suggest you watch that short clip below; it gives you a glimpse of his creative genius.

John Mayer is born as a Yang Fire Master Element, which indicates he is a person of ideas and inspiration. This Yang Fire is extremely strong, supported by several Fire branches and stems, suggesting he has stamina and is also quite competitive (Yin Fire is Competitor Talent for him). 

The most exciting part is the Yang Metal, which acts as a Flamboyant Supertalent and is of superb quality. This Supertalent gives him artistic and communication skills. Flamboyant Supertalent is based on Pioneer Talent, which means he constantly innovates and challenges the status quo. This is not the type of person who will stick to one style of music their entire career. I can also imagine that women are drawn to him due to the playboy-ish nature of Pioneer Talent.

The Dog is carrying strong Yang Earth, an Artist Talent for John Mayer, adding more artistic inclinations to his chart. Earth combined with Wood (Rabbit branch) also creates a Creativity Talent Bridge, indicating intelligence and studying capabilities.

The chart is relatively simple, there is not much to say, and that’s why it is so powerful. He is clearly born to do what he is doing.

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