Bob Dylan – The Rolling Thunder

Chris Hakkens, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Last few days, my wife and I enjoyed the latest documentary about Bob Dylan, called Rolling Thunder Revue, which can be found on Netflix.

The documentary follows Dylan and his crew while touring America, picking and propping up local artists along the way. To show you the magnitude of that tour, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez were pretty much standard members of that exciting rolling band.

Although I know and like many of his songs, I didn’t know much about Bob Dylan, the person, and boy; he is impressive. He has a massive amount of charisma, and when he is in the room, he naturally becomes the center of it. 

So let’s have a look at what his chart can reveal to us.

He is born as a Yang Water Master Element, a strong one, due to solid support from surrounding Water and Metal Elements. The Metal Element is exceptional here due to the double Monkey + Snake combination, enhancing the Yang Metal within the Snake branch, making this Element highly utilized and useful.

Metal Element represents the Intellect Component, which is often seen in charts of songwriters and poets. It represents very high intellectual capacity, especially because Fire Element utilizes it.

Two Snake branches are bringing him a strong Yang Fire, representing the Pioneer Talent. Pioneer Talent makes him energetic, unpredictable, providing raw sexual energy; therefore, it was effortless for him to attract a female audience (but men as well ;-).

Snake branches are mystical, and he has two of them. This mystical character showed a lot in his lyrics, which are riddled with double meaning, and his performance, where he often used face masks, especially in the early days, to create more mysticism.

He also has two Supertalents, Altruist and Networker. Altruist shows very clearly in his songs and dedication to speak up about social injustice. He was sincerely concerned about social issues. He was also able to rally people and musicians around him, using his Networker Supertalent.

Bob Dylan did a lot of touring, even today, and that’s mostly due to Snake, Monkey, and Pig branches; they all have young, impatient energy that needs constant move and stimulation.

Another interesting aspect of his chart is the Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge, between Intellect and Wealth Component (Metal and Fire). This Bridge is rather powerful; it gave him financial and creative independence; therefore, he could always dictate the conditions under which he will work. This great money luck also helped him stay relevant and successful through all this time, which spanned from the 1960s to today.

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