Long Live The King

Prince Charles waited 74 years to become a king, finally replacing the globally beloved Queen Elizabeth.

Charles’ chart is quite interesting, indicates a lot of known issues, and gives us clues about what kind of King he might be in the future.

First, we will notice excessive Water, making his chart very cold. So although he is a Yin Water Master Element, known for its gentle nature, this Water gives him a lot of power, making him stubborn, competitive, and rather challenging to manage.

On top of it, his Wood is also strong due to the double Rabbit and Pig combo, making him rebellious, a person who seeks personal freedom. This rebellious nature is relatively hidden because Wood is hidden in the branches, but it’s pretty known that he was quite a difficult child to raise. The Wood (Output Component) also makes him very creative, and he is known to be engaged in creative work involving food production, which is a Wood type of activity, and quite suitable for a strong Artist Talent.

He lacks Fire, which is the main issue in the chart. Fire represents love and relationships to him, so this is something that he was seeking the most and probably still does.

His relationships were always messy and unsatisfying from an early age, and the culmination of these problems was his marriage to Princess Diana, which went wrong in every possible way.

The relationship with his mother is also problematic. Mother is Metal Element to him, and his chart doesn’t need it due to the overall coldness and excessiveness of Water Element.

The Power Component is probably the most important to be a successful and optimal ruler. Power is Earth to him, and although he has some of it, it’s fragile and isolated in the sea of Water Element. This weakness is further amplified by the fact that his Wood Element is also powerful, and Wood directly controls Earth. So from this, we can read that his relationship with authorities, and authority roles, is not smooth. Due to a strong Output, he is someone who seeks a lot of creative freedom, so there is a big question about how he will operate in this role that requires personal sacrifice. The good thing is that a monarchy is a well-oiled machine; many of the King’s duties are somewhat gimmicky and on autopilot, and he learned all these years how to fit in, to a certain extent, and I believe, with a lot of painful adjustments.

Power Component also represents his children, and considering the dynamic in Charles’ chart, his children may feel overly controlled by him. In a recent interview, his younger son, Prince Harry, complained about the control system in the UK monarchy. Still, we assume that this pressure mainly comes from his father and this considerable imbalance in his chart.

We mentioned before that King Charles’ chart desperately needs Fire Element. Luckily, his Dynamic Chart is rather supportive from that perspective. Since 1976 he had had Fire Element in some form, except between 1996 and 2006 when he was in a Wet Earth period. Interestingly, he got divorced, and Princess Diana died during this period, so he was clearly in bad shape regarding relationships and love matters. Things gradually improved since 2006, and he finally managed to marry his childhood love, Camilla Parker Bowles, during that auspicious period.

He is still in a Fire period, giving him some support, but things are not so smooth, especially regarding public appearance and perception, so he will have to work hard on those. Due to strong Water, he might appear cold to the public. In this case, a charismatic wife could help, as Lady Diana did, but unfortunately, his new wife is not very popular, so she is also unable to smooth Charles’ public appearance.

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