Queen’s tombs

Elizabeth II greets NASA GSFC employees, May 8, 2007 edit

My wife and I really like the Netflix TV show The Crown, which follows the life journey of Queen Elizabeth, and her family.

The show is extremely well made, and I like how they integrate historical events into the storyline, which is also very educational.

Movies and TV shows are always dramatized, but I feel Queen Elizabeth’s portrait is credible and realistic. 

Through the show, we learn how she struggled, as a young woman, to take over the empire in most difficult times, putting a large burden on her shoulders. After a certain adjustment period, she managed to gain control and establish herself as the ultimate authority. 

Her job was tough and still is. She had to balance between personal life, marriage, kids, country, and the entire empire. To do that job, she made many people unhappy, and that is especially true regarding her family, particularly her kids.

Through the series, we learn that her children were struggling a lot with the whole burden of royalty. They wanted to run normal lives, but their roles didn’t allow them such luxury.

The Queen was aware of their suffering, but there was very little she could do, and to be honest, she wasn’t the most devoted mother either.

So we decided to look into her chart to find some clues, which could explain this dynamic.

Queen Elizabeth is born as a Yang Metal Master Element, telling us that she enjoys tough routines and expects everybody to follow the rules without much leeway.

Another interesting setup is the two Dragons, next to each other. Dragon branch acts as the tomb of Water, and in this case, we have two of them. Double Dragon tends to “swallow” elements in the chart, starting with Water and all Elements attached to the Water.

Water represents her Output Component, which means her kids. Technically that means that those two Dragons are locking her kids into the tomb. In reality, it means that her kids do not have much freedom, as long they are around her. They have to obey her orders and follow the royalty protocols. They basically have no individual freedom, and everything they do in life has to serve the purpose of Queen Elizabeth and the empire.

We saw that clearly in Charles’s and Diana’s case. Charles wasn’t happy with that marriage, and he really suffered, but he couldn’t go against the Queen’s will. 

From 1991 Queen Elizabeth was going through the Rooster period, which has the ability to “seal” the Dragon tombs, making the situation even worse. During that decade, the issue between Charles and Diana escalated dramatically, she had multiple lovers, and it all ended up with divorce, and later with the tragic death of Princess Diana. The locked Dragon resulted in Queen’s children feeling locked, including Lady Di, who felt like she is in prison most of the time.

That being said, we are not at all dealing with an evil person; on the contrary. The Queen is definitely suited to her job, and she was on the job 24/7. But it would have been tremendously helpful, if the Queen, the Prince of Edinburgh, and her advisors had insight into the dynamics of her personality, to ease any conflict, which the lack of knowledge for sure generated.

Looking at the superpowers throughout history, none of them went without council from a source that could see beyond sensation level. I suspect things start to go wrong when heads of state cannot give up their ego and believe they can do it all by themselves, in this case resulting in unhappy and neglected children.


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