The Troublemakers

Mark Jones, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Meghan Markle was a relatively unknown actress until she got involved with Prince Harry. That relationship started one of the biggest news and social media frenzy in the last several years. On the one hand, they enjoyed massive support, but at the same time, many people, royal loyalists mainly, couldn’t stand them, especially Meghan, because of her apparent negative influence on Harry.

Meghan Markle does have a divisive personality, but it seems to me that she was partially a victim of toxic media as well, who are notoriously keen to do anything for a juicy story and provocative headline.

Not to mention that Queen and the whole royalty is extremely conservative and, of course, British, while Meghan is progressive and, well, American, so this seems like a classic clash of cultures. Generally speaking, Americans don’t have much respect for traditional European values, sometimes for a reason, but to be honest, they often lack the basic understanding of those traditions.

So as we can see, the situation is complex, and it’s good to be aware of all these different variables before we form an opinion, but I’m also aware that I’m probably asking too much; most people like to choose their tribe and stick with it 😉

Meghan is born as a Yang Wood Master Element. There is a strong dynamic between Wood, Earth, and Metal in her chart. The Yin Wood is essential here; it makes her highly competitive, even divisive, but at the same time able to gain followers and support. Wood controlling Earth dynamic creates Dominance Talent Bridge, which means that she is a highly controlling individual, especially when it comes to money.

The problem is, when you are part of the royal family, you are being managed, not the other way around, so I assume this was her main dissatisfaction. She wasn’t willing to rely on financial handouts but wanted to do her own thing and make money which she can control.

She is currently in a Pig period (Water), making her Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge very active; therefore, she seeks financial freedom. Living under strict royal rules definitely doesn’t feel like a good option considering all limitations that such a position involves.

Meghan also has a powerful Metal Rooster pillar, representing her husband, indicating that she will marry a powerful and globally recognized man. Metal Roosters are naturally attracted to publicity and showbusiness, and usually, cameras love them.

Interestingly, Kate Middleton is also Metal Rooster (the same year of birth), so both seek a spotlight, which might have created some competitive friction between them, especially knowing that Meghan’s competitive nature will ruffle some feathers. The problem is that according to the royal hierarchy, Kate has more leverage, so Meghan’s only option was to pack her bags, leave, and find a new spotlight in her homeland, where she can also exercise her entrepreneurship abilities.

Prince Harry is born as a Yang Water Master Element, while his chart has a lot of Yin Water, making him also competitive and strong-headed. Strong Wood represents the Output Component, which seeks creative freedom. It seems that both are not really suitable for submissive roles, and they want to be in control of their destinies.

Together they are a decent couple. Harry needs Meghan’s Wood and Earth to utilize his excessive Water, while Meghan needs his Water to activate her money luck, so they are a good match from that perspective.

Does she actually control Harry? I would say probably not; Harry is a strong individual, not easy to control. I would say that after he witnessed what happened to his mother, Lady Di, he grew tired and frustrated with British tabloids, so he probably just waited for the right opportunity to leave all that behind and start the new life. 

I won’t blame him for that; the British tabloids are truly toxic, and if in his shoes, I would put a big pond between us as well.


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