Lizzo – The Confidence Bomb

I have to admit, I know very little about (somewhat) controversial singer Lizzo, but after seeing a couple of her tweets and one music video (the one above), I was impressed with her confidence and power, so I couldn’t help myself but have a sneak peek into her chart.

Lizzo is a Yang Water Master Element, a quite strong one too, due to good support from Rat and Dragon branches; therefore, the Water structure is solid.

She is a double Dragon, which on its own, is quite a powerful setup. Still, such power can go in a negative, destructive direction and positive, more creative way, depending on a person’s ability to handle it. Dragon people like luxury and grandiosity, and considering that she has two Dragon branches, such character traits are showing very strongly in her.

I was really impressed with her communication skills, the ability to control the audience, and look natural and relaxed in front of the camera. These traits are mostly coming from her Pioneer Supertalent, which is of very high quality. Pioneer Supertalent also gives her a strong sex drive, which shows in her appearance and performance. 

The friction between Yang Water and Yang Fire makes her also very fast, snappy, which shows the most how she communicates, which is always very sharp and quick-witted.

Competitor Talent is very strong in her chart, which makes her rather combative, fierce, and able to gain supporters. She is in a constant state of “war,” rallying people, fighting for justice, fighting her “enemies.”

There is a strong dynamic between Water and Earth element, which creates a Social Justice Talent Bridge; therefore, she is very interested and engaged in promoting topics that require more awareness in society. She is a vocal supporter of the Democrat party, and she uses her influence (and her look) to fight body shaming, encouraging people to feel comfortable with their bodies.

Generally, this is one mighty chart, and she is using it really well by emphasizing her communication talent, which draws the audience to her. Combine that with her obvious musical talent and ability to engage in provocative topics; and you get a highly influential individual.

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