The Grandmasters

Image credits: Wooden Chessboards

The Creativity Talent Bridge is rather specific because it’s the only one that doesn’t involve a Power or Wealth Component; therefore, people who have it are often not interested in gaining influence or money. For them, ideas and creative processes are far more intriguing. 

Because of these characteristics, the Creativity Talent Bridge is very suitable for those who like to play intellectual games, like chess.

Chess is the most famous strategic game; therefore, people with Creativity Bridge will most likely enjoy its complexities. We analyzed top chess players in the last 80 years and found many with this specific Talent Bridge.

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to charts from Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Viktor Korchnoi, and Magnus Carlsen.


Kasparov is probably the most famous chess player ever; he remained highly socially active after retirement. He has a strong Output (Earth) and solid Intellect Component (Wood).

The Yin Water Element further strengthen the Wood. This dynamic between Earth and Wood creates a powerful Creativity Talent Bridge.


Fischer was at the peak of his game in the 70s and is still widely accepted as one of the best. Like Kasparov, he is also Yang Fire Master Element, but with stronger Wood and a little bit weaker Earth, the dynamic is similar.

Yin Water also plays a support role here for the Wood Element.


Korchnoi is even older than Fischer and was very active in the 60s. This is another Fire Master Element, in this case, Yin Fire. Fire people are very good at creative work because ideas come naturally.

Again, we have the same dynamic between Earth and Wood, establishing the Creativity Talent Bridge.

Korchnoi was known for his rebellious and unpredictable nature, caused mainly by his Pioneer Talent, which acts as Supertalent. Such Supertalent can make people very energetic and snappy. The clash between Goat and Ox also added to general chart instability, which affected his character.


Magnus Carlsen is arguably the best chess player, and some say that he is even better than Kasparov, who was the ultimate number one for many years.

Here we have a little bit different dynamic. In his chart, we have two Supertalents creating a Creativity Talent Bridge. Yin Fire represents Intellect Component, while Yang Metal represents the Output Component. Both of these Elements are unstable, therefore, are acting as Supertalents.

It’s also interesting that he turned his chess career into a very profitable business, primarily because of his Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge, which emerged between Water (Wealth) and Fire (Intellect).


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