Andy Murray’s Metal Troubles

Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay

Yang Wood Master Elements have one specific characteristic, or rather weakness,  they can’t remain at the top. This weakness is due to Yang Wood’s inherent character.

Yang Woods are large, sturdy trees, so when a tree becomes too big, it starts to overwhelm other plants around. To bring back balance, the tree has to be pruned or sometimes taken down entirely.  In reality, when a Yang Wood person becomes a top figure in his field, such as in a corporation or sports, they usually don’t last very long in that position if they meet Yang Metal of some form. Therefore we rarely see a head of state who is Yang Wood Master Elements. Yang Woods are also very susceptible to legal trouble; they don’t have the flexibility of Yin Wood or adaptability of Yin Water, for example.

We have a great example in tennis, where Andy Murray, after eight years of battling with three legendary players, Roger Federer, Raphael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, in 2016 finally became the number one player in the world. 

A few months later, he started to experience various health issues, with his hip being the worst. In summer 2017, he officially withdrew from the ATP and started his physical recovery, costing him his number 1 position.

Although initially, it didn’t look like a severe issue, his hip got very complicated, and he ended up having two operations, one being a complete hip replacement.

He managed to come back to professional tennis and even won a title in doubles, but he could not reach his previous heights, his body went through too much stress, and bringing his game to the top level with a replaced hip was a mission impossible. Despite trying dozens of different therapies, looking for experts worldwide, working really hard for months and months, he couldn’t come back.

From a chart point of view, 2016 and 2017 were most likely the cause of his troubles. He has strong Yin Wood, which represents Competitor Talent, a critical Talent for an athlete. Since 2010 he was also going through a Tiger Dynamic Luck, providing him with more body strength.

2016 was a Monkey year, which attacked his Tiger Dynamic Luck (Metal cutting Wood). At the end of 2016, he already started to experience physical issues.

2017 was a Rooster year, which attacked his Rabbit branch. Wood represents the Body Component; therefore, a strong Metal attack made it less functional.

The Wood Element is crucial for Andy Murray because of the Body Component, and it shouldn’t be disturbed. The arrival of Metal completely disrupted his, until then, favorable chart dynamic.

The Snake branch also played an important role here. The Snake usually brings strong Fire energy, but it turns into sharp Metal when combined with a Rooster or Monkey. The Snake provided Rooster and Monkey help to attack Tiger and Rabbit, wreaking havoc in his chart.

Yang Woods are very sensitive to Metal; this is also why politics is not so suitable for them. They get chopped down very quickly. Athletes need to be aware that clashes may pose a factual danger to their career, as in Andy Murray’s case.

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