Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris: The Battle of Metal Dragons

I was browsing Twitter, then saw Chuck Norris trending, it turned out that today is his 80th birthday. For those who are younger, Chuck Norris is one of the most famous action movie stars of all time. Twitter also quickly reminded us about the epic battle between him and Bruce Lee in the movie The Way Of The Dragon.

I realized that both of them are Metal Dragons, born in 1940, so I decided to have a quick comparison between those two charts. Metal Dragons are known for their fierce personality and commanding power, which very clearly both of them have.


Bruce Lee is a Yang Wood with strong interaction between Earth and Water, which makes his Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge rather strong. This tells us that Bruce Lee sought independence and had great money luck. He had a really strong Pioneer Talent, which made him very energetic and curious. His Performer Talent acts as Supertalent, which is perfect for the entertainment business. Here is his Talent Blueprint.

Graphics below: Bruce Lee’s Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge


Chuck Norris is a Yang Water with strong interaction between Wood and Earth Element, which represents the Leadership Talent Bridge in his case. Chuck Norris has strong Competitor Talent as well, which is quite suitable for his profession. He also has a Performer Talent which is rather strong, and therefore suitable for the movie business. Here is his Talent Blueprint.

Graphics below: Chuck Norris’ Leadership Talent Bridge

Both charts are of high quality, the Metal Dragon gave them fierce mentality, which was increased by Pioneer Talent in Lee’s case, and Competitor Talent in Norris’s case. Both these Talents are highly energetic and combative.

What is also important, both Master Elements are strong, which is important for athletes and professional fighters. Bruce Lee’s Yang Wood drew power from the Water Element while Chuck Norris’ Yang Water was supported by additional Yin Water. Both MEs were able to withstand huge amounts of pressure, although we should say that Chuck Norris’s ME was healthier, therefore he lived such a long life. 

Bruce Lee had a lot of Wood support during the peak of his career, therefore he was able to utilize the strong Earth Element.

And fun fact, these two Dragons played in a movie with a Dragon theme. There are no such things as coincidence when it comes to BaZi and Five Elements 😉

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