Ryan Giggs’ troubles with women

Ryan Giggs, a famous football player, was recently in the news after being charged with domestic violence. In an interview, he admits his infidelity and that he was addicted to having lovers and could not control his behavior.

His chart reveals a lot of relationship issues and a very high sex drive. He is a Yin Earth Master Element with an unhealthy amount of Water element. Water represents women and sex drive to a male Yin Earth person.

The Water Element is overwhelming, so Yin Earth is weak, which means that Water negatively influences him, resulting in an uncontrollable desire to engage with many women. Two Yin Water stems on top represent lovers, which are the critical issue here. The Water is further supported by a Metal combo between Snake and Ox, so the chart is very cold, indicating the need for love, which is a Fire Element.

On top of all this, Pig is clashing Snake, the useful branch in his chart. Snake is supposed to provide Fire and support Yin Earth but is pretty much neutralized by excessive Water and Metal combination with Ox.

The day branch (Snake) represents his relationships and is in bad shape, clearly indicating that he has a lot of issues in that area of life and is manifesting strongly through different kinds of problems.

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