Mummy’s Boy

Вячеслав Евдокимов [CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Adrien Rabiot is not a globally known football star, at least not in a range of Messi or Ronaldo, but we found his story quite intriguing, so we decided to make a quick post. Adrien is a French footballer, currently playing for PSG.

Although he is a very talented young player, his career is somewhat stagnating, due to constant issue between him and the club owners, usually because of the contract and his constant demands for better pay.

The interesting part of this story is that his mother is causing most of these troubles. After Adrien’s father died, the mother, Veronique, took over his career management job and she started to negotiate all the deals in his name. She is a notoriously difficult woman, acting extremely protective of her son and PSG management is having huge issues getting things sorted between them. They will most likely let him go after the contract runs out, in order to get mother off their backs.

Adrien gave her practically full control, and two of them seem inseparable. The club owners are unable to discuss anything with him without getting mother’s approval. It went so far that she even demanded to join the team on the trip to Katar, the team management refused, so she forbade him to go like it was some school trip.

After reading this story, I was pretty sure what is going on. I pulled his chart, and things became rather obvious, as I thought they would.

Adrien is a Yang Wood Master Element, with a strong BODY Component, which is good for a football player (or any athlete). The interesting part of his chart is a large amount of Water Element, which represents INTELLECT Component, but also his mother. Such chart setups mean that mother has a significant influence on her son and that he is unable to make any decisions without consulting her. He is practically married to her, so good luck to Adrien’s future wife, breaking their bond will be a tough case!

We also noticed that generally, when it comes to Yang Wood Master Element, this problem with excessive mother’s influence is especially emphasized due to their sensitive and needy nature.

Adrien is currently going through an Earth period, which represents money to him. Earth is an essential Element for his chart, due to the high concentration of Wood and Water which needs to be utilized; therefore he and his mother are putting a lot of focus on getting a good contract and making more money.

His chart is currently entirely focused on the money, which might affect his playing skills if not careful enough. Last I heard, while I was researching this topic, is that Adrien fired his mother as a manager and have finally settled a new deal with another team. It must have been quite difficult for him, but at least he realized that this attachment was doing him more harm than good. 

Generally speaking, for a professional athlete, an excessive INTELLECT Component is not very useful, like in his case, because it takes away the physical edge and makes them somewhat lazy and calculative.



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