Hugh Hefner – The Ultimate Playboy

This morning we heard the sad news that Hugh Hefner has passed away, so we decided to do a little retrospective of his life and talents.

Probably there is no bigger synonym for a playboy and lavish lifestyle as Hugh Hefner, who allegedly slept with over 1.000 women in his long and successful life. I guess you wonder what kind of chart dynamic is needed to produce such lifestyle?

Hugh Hefner is born as Yang Earth Master Element, in his chart he has a lot of Earth, Water, and Wood. Fire is solid while Metal element is missing entirely.

He was a very strong Yang Earth person with the main dynamic in his chart of Earth controlling Water. Water for Yang Earth represents women, money and sex drive, so obviously, this was his main focus.

There is a quite interesting special feature in his chart, in which water is stored within the earth, like a storage. When we translate that image into his life, the earth represents him and his house, the water represents women, so we could say that his house was full of women, which is very true. He is known for his lavish parties in his penthouse, loaded with gorgeous women. When Earth element is so strong, women don’t have much choice but to surrender to the influence.

Luckily, as far we know he didn’t use this control to hurt women, it was more some kind of protection which he would provide to them.

The most active Talent in his chart is Pioneer, and for those who don’t know, Pioneer Talent has strong playboy character traits. This Talent was very prominent and very active.

Another very active Talent is Self-Esteem, which also has a lot to do with dominance, as many women like men with high self-esteem. Something similar we saw in Donald Trump‘s chart as well.

Warrior Talent is also very strong and useful in his chart, which gave him a worldwide authority and charisma.

Altogether, this is one very powerful chart, highly productive in terms of wealth and power, while women are just logical side-product of that power.

Earth controlling water was key dynamic in his chart, which brought him fame, money, and status of the ultimate playboy.

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