Extreme cases of excessive Fire Element – Shia LaBeouf

Image by Envane

Shia Labeouf, a famous actor, is a good example of a chart with the excessive Fire element. In fact his entire chart consist of Fire, Wood, and hot Earth, there is no single drop of Water and only a tiny amount of Metal element in his chart. Water and Metal elements are needed to cool off this hot chart. 

Lately, he has been in news because of his eccentric behavior, getting publicly drunk, fighting with authorities, insulting people etc. His Fire element is out of control, and although he is aware of his behavior, he is unable to control himself. Fire element is all about passion, so when is out of control, we approach everything with strong passion, which acts as a destructive force. Having a stable career and relationship will be extremely difficult for him, at least in this period. 

What is also significant, he is born as Yang Fire Master Element, which means his BODY Component is extremely strong. When BODY Component is excessive the person will have quite a strong ego, will lack respect for authority, and have very likely self-control issues. When the BODY is strong it also means that we use our physical strength to make a point or to gain power, which means physical conflicts. This Component is often seen in sports people charts, especially those in combat sports.

A person with strong BODY Component also uses their body to bring messages across, like tattoos, which Shia LaBeouf has many.

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