New app feature: MatchMaker

NOTE: This new feature will be available in the next iOS and Android app update. It might take a day or two until it gets approved.

Comparing two people’s charts was always a popular feature among all the requests we got from our users. It took us a while to figure out how to do it effectively using the existing algorithm, so finally, now we have something to show. The feature is called MatchMaker, and you will need a premium subscription to access it.

To use the feature, you open the chart of the first person, then in the menu, choose MatchMaker. There you will have a search option to add the second person, so make sure that person is already saved in your database.

Once you choose the second person, the page will display two analyses.

Person 1 vs. Person 2

Person 2 vs. Person 1

Here is an example:

In the first analysis, we look into Person 1 needs and what Person 2 can provide. In the second analysis, the roles are switched, and we are looking for what Person 2 needs and what Person 1 can provide.

Each Element comes with a score. Generally speaking, above 0 is good, and above 100 is great. Below 0 is not so good, and below -100 is bad. When the score is exactly 0, it means that the second person, the one that is providing, doesn’t have that Element at all, so the score is neutral.

At the bottom, you will find the overall score, which basically counts all Elements together in one score, and here are the values:

Match Points
Perfect match +250 and more
Great match +100 to +250
Solid match 0 to +100
Not good match 0 to -100
Bad match -100 to -250
Terrible match -250 and more


Generally speaking, anything above +100 is a great match, while below 0 is not so good, and below -100 is definitely a bad match.

Now, like every BazI tool, it’s not good to take everything literally. There are a lot of nuances that our algorithm doesn’t cover, so take these values with a pinch of salt. The purpose of this tool is to give us a general idea so that we can see who is getting what in a relationship.

Please also note that this tool can be used for any kind of partnership or social relations, not just love relationships.

This is just the first basic version, we will gather feedback from users, and then we will implement changes if necessary, so let us know what you think.

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