Welcome to the year of Metal Rat

Dear friends, BaZi enthusiasts, it’s again that time of the year, we are moving from one set of Elements to another, let’s see what next year have in store for us.

After rather heavy and depressing Earth Dog, last year’s Earth Pig gave us some positive movements across all the fields, but especially in the economy. Metal Rat represents a continuation of Water Element dominance.

Rat consists of Yin Water, while Metal on the top provides additional support, so this Yin Water is exceptionally strong this year. Rat combines with Monkey and Dragon, merging into a Water structure, so if you have one of those, your Water Element will be very active. Whether this will produce positive or negative outcomes depends on whether you need additional Water in your chart. If your Qi is generally too cold, then it will have a negative influence; if your Qi is mainly warm, then the impact will be positive.

Rat also combines with Ox quite well, creating a strong Yin Earth structure, but this is a rather cold combination, though.

Rat, with its Yin Water energy, is in direct clash with Horse, which is mainly Yin Fire. So if you have a Horse in your chart, you might expect turbulences. This is especially a case if you have a Wood Horse pillar in your chart; Metal Rat will clash the entire pillar in that case, which might cause significant discrepancies.

Another potential issue can be if you have a Goat in your chart, Rat’s Yin Water might harm Yin Fire and Yin Earth within the Goat.

When it comes to Master Elements, if you are weak Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Water, or Yin Water, then Metal Rat will mainly bring support.

For Yang Fire and Yin Fire Rat will bring Power Component. For Yang Earth and Yin Earth Rat’s Water represents Wealth Component, and for Yang Metal and Yin Metal Rat will bring Output Component.

Generally speaking, the image of the Metal Rat is cold, windy weather, so generally speaking, it won’t be very suitable for those who lack warmth and Fire Element. Still, each chart is specific, and we have to look at them closely to draw better conclusions, especially in the case of those Special charts which might follow different rules.

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