Talent Hero provides a unique and groundbreaking analysis of our talents and character traits. The method is based on Chinese Five Elements and has been used by emperors in China for centuries. The Five Element method survived thousands of years because of its accuracy and richness of information, like no other method currently available.

Talent Blueprint, our premium talent, and character traits analysis won’t be visible on our website for purchase, but instead, we will have a network of agents who will represent our services and make the sales. We believe that our product has no competition at the moment. We did extensive research and we couldn’t find anything that can match our accuracy and depth; therefore we decided to take the more premium approach and keep our method and intellectual property out of public eyes, at least for now.


There will be a limited number of agents, we are thinking of maximum 5 or 6, and these agents will have a product which is extremely valuable, and it doesn’t exist currently on the market. We’ve spent 7 years in development, we are far ahead of any competition, so the market for our product is wide open for the next 3 to 5 years at least. To build a competing product requires a lot of research, time, money and human resources, so it will take a while until competition shows up in this market. By then we will be far ahead with our further technical development.

Maybe the closest competition are those personality tests, Like Myers and Briggs, but we believe that our method is far more advanced. You can read more how we compare with others here.


Our agents will receive a 30% discount code which they can use in our online shop, and once you provide all the necessary information, we will deliver analysis to you within seven days. How much you will charge your clients we will leave up to you. Our end prices are just recommendation, but if you want to charge double or triple, it’s up to you, we will leave the market to dictate the cost of our product.

Soon there won’t be any free version of our analysis, while the cheapest package will start from 99$. You can find our current prices here.


All our agents will also receive regular training, at least once a month. We will teach you how to interpret our analysis so that you can explain it better to your clients. With this education, you will receive a rather extensive knowledge about BaZi and Five Elements. Please note that first training is included when you signup to be an agent, but to receive the training regularly you will have to sell at least two analysis a month. Chat support will also be available to you, 24/7, in case you have additional questions.


It’s up to you to decide which market you want to target. You can sell it to your family members, friends, and neighbors, or you can approach companies, human resource departments, head hunters, basically all those who can benefit from hiring the best, talented workers. A Venture Capitalist firms could also be an attractive target; they could make millions if they could recognize the next Mark Zuckerberg on time.

A sports team could also be an attractive target, due to our ability to predict injuries and lower performance periods, but also we could see who has good money luck.

In the case that you are dealing with a big, corporate client, we will develop special packages just for them, which will involve a lot of consultation and more in-depth analysis; therefore prices of these packages will be much higher, and thus you will earn more commission.

It’s vital that you stay creative and open-minded; literally, anybody can benefit from the information we provide, therefore the market is really big and potential of this product is yet to be reached.