Ted Bundy – A charismatic serial killer

Donn Dughi / State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, via Wikimedia Commons

As most of you have probably noticed by now, I get most of my writing inspirations by watching movies, either documentary or those based on real events. It’s perhaps the best way to get a scope of personality when it comes to celebrities and general public personas.

Yesterday was no different, I decided to watch something, but didn’t have an idea what, so I choose a random movie, called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile. The title was telling me that the film will be either excellent or awful; there is no middle ground with such movie titles.

Very soon I emerged in this rather unusual story about a serial killer who showed incredible seducing and charismatic skills, so immediately it caught my attention. Usually, I don’t like to write about negative people and events, it’s more fun to focus on positive and creative skills, but this was a particular case, definitely worthy of analysis.

Ted Bundy was a good looking man and sweet talker, luring many girls into his traps, he even lived with some, under the same roof, and fooled them for years, while continuing his killing spree.

His chart shows his set of talents very clearly. He is a robust Yang Water with a large amount of Wood, Water, and Earth. He had a well-balanced chart; you can find the full analysis here. At one point he was studying law, and if he didn’t choose a different path, he could have been an excellent lawyer, from what we can see.

He had a difficult childhood, a lot of psychological issues and anger towards his mother. Very early on he developed an interest for murder stories and drawings with explicit sex images.

Originally his Water Element is excessive, and during the first 15 years, he was going through Water period, which completely threw him off balance. His mother represented Metal to him, an Element which he doesn’t need; therefore he showed a good deal of hostility and anger towards her.

What he needed was Fire Element, to warm up his chart. For Yang Water person a Fire Element represents women, and during those times his Fire was fragile; therefore he had difficulties healthily engaging with them. He grew frustrated because of his imbalance and developed a twisted idea of women and how to deal with them, which involved a lot of control and violence.

At the age of 15, he entered a Wood period, which helped him to reduce his Water, making him more functional. But the damage on his psyche was already done. The Wood increased his Artist Talent, and with it, he gained superb creative and communication skills. I guess you all heard about term con-artist? Well, that’s what you get when a powerful Artist Talent turns negative — a highly sophisticated and intelligent person, able to talk himself out of any situation.

His Pioneer Talent is strong and very prominent, which means instantly visible from outside. Pioneer Talent, when properly utilized, like in his case, can attract girls very quickly. This Talent has the most resemblances with the playboy character traits. Pioneer can be extremely useful, but when it turns negative people can lose themselves entirely in sex, gambling, and generally risk-taking activities. He was striving on risk; he didn’t even try that hard to cover his deeds; he was always hiding in plain sight, living on the edge all the time.

During his trial, the courtroom was full of young girls. Many were attracted to him and even believed that he is innocent, despite all the evidence. This magnetic effect which he has on girls was produced mainly by his Pioneer Talent.

Another Talent which is prominent and highly effective is Diplomat. It’s not extremely strong but is acting as a Supertalent; therefore, the strength is irrelevant. Diplomat, when acting as Supertalent, brings the person one kind of irresistible charisma, and in Ted Bundy’s case, it works dangerously good. Such Supertalent, when turning negative, means that the person is not sincere, that what he is presenting from outside is different from what he is carrying inside.

Those three Talents, Artist, Pioneer, and Diplomat Supertalent, played a significant role in him deceiving all those girls, luring them into a deadly trap.

As we mentioned before, it’s a superb chart, highly effective, so it’s a pity that he used such a rare set of skills to do such awful things to all those girls.

I guess many of you are asking what made him turn so negative? There are many reasons for that, sometimes is upbringing and parents genetics, but from elements point of view, his Yin Earth might have caused problems. Yin Earth makes Yang Water dirty, muddy and generally is not very useful. Yang Water reacts much better with Yang Earth, which gives it a direction.

From our research, when Yang Water person is excessive and unrestricted, they tend to act against the law. Yin Earth was unable to control him; it only made him dirty, which resulted in highly negative behavior. Those early years damaged his psyche, and later he used his skills to deceive and destroy, spewing all the frustration which he collected during early age.

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