Karma – The Double Edge Sword

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I’m not much of a news guy, I don’t like filling my head with irrelevant, random stuff, but still sometimes I stumble on a dull piece of news which is interesting from a Five Element and BaZi perspective.

The other day I read in some local news portal how one older man got cheated by a guy who sold him a house which wasn’t even officially his. The older guy, let’s call him a buyer, cashed out over 200.000$, to find out a few days later that there is a mortgage on the house, which now belongs to the bank.

I found this case to be very interesting from karma point of view, to learn how it works. Now, the guy who cheated the older man, let’s call him a seller, is no doubt here against the law. He got caught, and he will go to prison for this, and probably get few additional minus karma points for next lifetime 🙂

The interesting part is to see how karma works for the buyer. When you read the article about this case, it’s easy to be empathetic towards the buyer, he got cheated for a large sum of money, and most people will naturally feel sorry for him. One might even question why the universe (or God, whatever you prefer) lets such things happen to innocent people; we start to doubt in the righteousness of the world itself. We might ask ourselves, why innocent people have to suffer from deeds of the bad people?

But, the real question here is, is the buyer really that innocent?

The article revealed that the buyer didn’t do the obvious, which is check official register to see whether the house has clear ownership. These days such information is available online, and it would take him only 10-15 minutes to figure out that something is wrong. If you are willing to spend 200.000$, it seems like a good idea. So obviously, the buyer was very naive, most people would double-check, but he didn’t. He might be innocent in the face of earth law, but he is guilty in the face of universe law.

So you are saying that naiveness is against the law? That we get negative karma if other people cheat us?

The answer is yes, and the reason why I’m so confident of claiming such a thing is my experience with Five Element and BaZi charts.

In the Five Elements method, several concepts can indicate a negative outcome for the person. There are so-called Punishments, Harms, and Clashes, to name a few, but there are many different combinations that can bring us unexpected troubles. The chart itself, the combination of elements which we receive at the moment of birth, is the extension of our karma. It’s a tool used by the universe to deliver good or bad karma to the people.

So, for example, the buyer from our story probably had some negative occurrences in his chart, a Punishment or Harm combination, which triggered such adverse event. The reason why he had such a combination is to learn a particular lesson, something that he didn’t learn in a previous lifetime. Therefore the universe gave him an “opportunity” to clean out that issue. If he doesn’t learn, it will probably get carried into next life.

As we can see, in such situations, where it seems that one side is evil, and the other is a victim, once we apply Five Element rules, and we look situation a bit deeper, we realize that neither of them is innocent. When karma strikes between two people, it cuts both sides.

The only question is whether they learned anything from the lesson. If not, the double-edged sword will have to cut again.

And again.

Until we learn.

This rule applies to any conflict. The person who does the wrong thing will get punished, sooner or later, while the person on another end, “the victim,” is a receiver of the punishment for the crimes he or she did before.

Five Element study reveals the mechanism, showing us a much broader and deeper picture of law and morality, a system which most people don’t even know that exists, therefore their judgment of people’s actions and reactions is flawed.

To judge situations and people, we have to be able to understand these hidden triggers. It’s hard to get angry at the person when you know that something external is triggering their emotions and actions. All you can do is help them release it so that they can find peace.

When we know the triggers, we become much more forgiving, towards ourselves, but also towards others, resulting in much more tolerance in the world altogether.

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