What is talent – how we get it? Why some people have authority? Why some are creative Some are thinkers Some are good with people While some are good in managing situation? From where is coming this force this ability? Genetic provide us our physical appearance. Education and upbringing gives us basic stuff like manners and knowledge But what is the real source of our abilities? What is that that comes from within us? Ancient Chinese figured out that it has to do something with the nature, something that we received at the time of birth. The moment the baby takes the first breath is the moment this force of nature comes in, leaving permanent stamp to our inner system and psychology. So what is this that we receive? It’s a combination of magnetic fields between planets around us and earth’s magnetic field of that particular moment. Force decoded Everything started with Big Bang Yin yang is the central point of this magnetic field, the endless struggle between positive and negative. It furthers divided into 5 elements, with earth taking a central position while fire and wood are so called warm elements and metal and water are cold elements 5 elements are further divided into yin and yang versions Earth magnetic field have 12 stages, presented by 12 zodiacs, which are just earthly visuals for energy packages contained within them When we combine one element and one zodiac we get one pillar. We have a pillar for each aspect of time, hour, day, month and year. Now, here things are getting complicated. To read this chart you need an expert to interpret it correctly, and maybe there are only few dozens of people, mostly Chinese, who are really good at it. COMBINATIONS 60 x 60 x 60 x 12 x 2 = 5.184.000. Different chart combinations every 500 year chart repeats