To understand our talent analysis method we have to understand the basic principles of Chinese Five Elements. As we all know, human beings are not just flesh and bones, but they also have life energy or Qi. This Qi can be divided into Yin and Yang, where Wood and Fire represents the warm side of Qi, while Metal and Water represent the cold side of Qi. Earth element represents the center, but often takes sides, depending which one is stronger, so we can endup with wet earth and warm earth. Five elements further represent the five main organs:ood is liver, the earth is spleen, water is kidney, fire is heart and metal are lungs. Wood = Liver Fire = Heart Earth = Spleen Metal = Lungs Water = Kidney The organs are related to our emotions: Liver = Anger Heart = Fear Spleen = Worry Lungs = Jealousy Kidney = Depression Emotions lead us to our life reality and determine the way how we lead the business, treat our wife, husbands, sons, daughters, friends… ————- Good/bad life reality (health, relationship, career) creates Good/Bad Behavior ↑create Good/Bad Emotions ↑create Good/Bad Organs ↑ create Good/Bad element balance/imblance ↑create Good/Bad ying/yang balance ↑creates Good/Bad Life energy ↑creates good/bad life
General Concept Diagram 3 This diagram shows an example of how a lack of an element (in this case Fire) effects everything else… A person who lacks Fire   ↓has Weak Heart energy   ↓is prone to Depression Lack of confidence Communication problems Slow in decision making ↓needs a partner with Fire To stimulate communication/spirit To support physical health To support career development To increase confidence and energy level ↓needs to work in Fire activities show business (acting, singing) Management Leadership Creative Arts To stimulate communication Increase physical health via circulation and stronger heart To stimulate confidence and sureness