STEVE JOBS - Five Elements Analysis of Character Traits and Talents

Yang Fire - Bing Fire 丙

NAME: Steve Jobs

PROFESSION: Founder of Apple


DATE OF BIRTH: 24. February 1955







Master Element or ME is the central point of reference for every analysis. Interactions between ME and Five Elements shows us the strength and dynamic of Character ComponentsTalents, and Supertalents.

Steve Jobs is born on a Yang Fire day; therefore Yang Fire is his Master Element. In this analysis, we will refer to it as ME.

Yang Fire is born at the beginning of the spring season when the element of Wood is strong. In Five Element cycle Wood produces Fire; therefore we can say that this Yang Fire is quite stable.



Five Elements show us dynamics within the chart. It's better to have all Five Elements present, while entirely missing or having a fragile element, which is anything below 5%, will reflect poorly on our Character Components and Talents. An excessive Element, which is anything above 40%, can also be problematic.


Steve Jobs is born in the springtime when Wood and Fire are naturally very active, but thanks to time, day and year of birth, he has a solid Earth as well.

His elements are not that balanced, but there is interesting dynamic which makes it work well. Wood is producing Fire, and Fire is producing Earth. Metal and Water are weak, but the thing is, when he goes through Water or Metal period in his Dynamic chart, everything comes together, and we will see how that works in further analysis.


Metal and Water are cold Elements, Fire and Wood are warm Elements, while Earth usually follows the strongest one. In his chart, cold elements of Water and Metal are fragile, while Earth is mostly warm and dry. So from this perspective, we can see as well that Metal and Water are required for this chart to reach its potential.


Water and Metal Elements are missing here. Earth needs Water to spend its excessive energy while Metal can be useful to control sturdy Wood. In Dynamic Talents section, we will see how his productivity improves once he goes through Metal and Water periods.


A person’s character consists of five main Components; those are MIND, BODY, CREATIVITY, WEALTH, and POWER.

We consider a prosperous chart when ME has access to WEALTH or POWER. The role of MIND and BODY is to provide support to ME and enhance other Components. CREATIVITY Component acts as a bridge, therefore in most cases is essential for chart flow.


Things are getting quite interesting once we look into Jobs’ Character Components. MIND and CREATIVITY are dominating, and this is one of the key combinations for intelligence, so already from here, we can see that he was a knowledgeable person, somebody who can think, and convert those ideas into reality through CREATIVITY Component.

A strong BODY Component represents, in this case, a strong self-esteem and competitiveness.

This first image of his Character Components shows us that his main drive was creativity and intellectual work and that he had very little interest in money and political power. His main focus was on the creative process, but we will see later how this creativity can be transformed into WEALTH and POWER when right combination kicks in.


In below graph, you will find the strength of each Talent and quality of its performance.



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Eight out of ten Talents are present, and six of them are performing very well, which is more than enough.

Artist Talent is the strongest, it belongs to CREATIVITY Component, but Performer, Analyzer, and Philosopher are very solid as well.

Furthermore, Artist Talent is converted into Supertalent, giving Steve Jobs more extrovert presenting capabilities. This kind of Supertalent is often seen in charts of top movie stars. All this suggests that Artist is by far his most important Talent.

Director and Diplomat are weak, and furthermore, Pioneer and Warrior are missing, so we can conclude that he has no direct interest in money or power and that his primary focus is on the creative process. Later we will see how this will result in gaining wealth and power, after all.


The strength of each Talent is not the only factor in determining its impact. To understand their functionality entirely, we have to see whether they cooperate or disturb other Talents. Cooperations between Talents are vital for having a good chart flow. Even the weakest Talent can have a crucial impact if appropriately positioned or combined positively.

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ME is producing Artist Talent, and we visually tripled this Work Process to show how intense creative energy he had. It’s the most critical Work Process in his chart.

Furthermore, Artist Talent is combined with Philosopher Talent, boosting Intelligence and Self-Esteem.

The intelligence aspect of this chart is seen everywhere. Philosopher combines with Performer while Performer combines with Analyzer, again boosting the intelligence.

Philosopher, Self-Esteem, and Competitor support each other, making ME rather strong.


Every ten years each person is influenced by an additional set of elements, bringing dynamic to the static chart, therefore causing people’s destiny to go up and down all the time.

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At the beginning of this analysis, we noticed that his chart is lacking Water and Metal element to bring more balance.

In the year 1981, he entered a 10-year period of active Wood and Water. During this time he started computer business by establishing Apple.

Water brought a missing element and boosted his WEALTH Component, particularly Pioneer Talent. Pioneer Talent has many qualities, but one of the strongest is entrepreneurship. The Water put the entire chart in highly productive mode, where he was able to be creative, but at the same time turn it into a highly profitable business.

He got fired from Apple for several reasons, but we would say the main one was his inability to manage people in typical CEO way. Highly creative people tend to put a lot of pressure on their workers, and they fight with authority a lot, which was Apple’s board, in this case.

He was absent from Apple for more than ten years, and he came back exactly when another lucky period kicked in, which involved Metal and Water, both his most needed elements. Coincidence? Not really 🙂

Metal brought him POWER Component, in the form of Diplomat Talent. In this decade, although still occasionally bad-tempered, he was much more relaxed and more easy on people around him. Diplomat Talent played a crucial role in his last years in Apple, bringing balance to the chart, and driving him to another tremendous success.


Steve Jobs was one of the greatest thinkers and innovators of our time, and his chart explains his intellectual and creative power quite well.

Cooperation between MIND and CREATIVITY Components is the most reliable sign of intelligence, and he has several special features between them.

His mind was focused on creative process. WEALTH Component is weak, so money was never his primary drive, and same goes with POWER, he was not interested in management and authority position, he was probably the happiest in the room with his creative team.

This is also a reason why he failed as CEO in his early days, he didn’t have what it takes for dull day to day management, but somehow he wasn’t able to see that until board stepped in and replaced him as CEO.

When it comes to his famous lousy temper, this is connected with his chart and lack of balance. People with intense creative energy have very high expectations, first from themselves, but also from others. When others don’t meet these expectations, and the creative process gets blocked, people with excessive creative energy can react like a drama queen, and sometimes even be quite nasty towards people involved in this creative process.

Once he got into more balanced periods, with Metal and Water, these negative traits were less problematic, his creative process was more balanced, therefore more fulfilling and more productive.


At the moment of our birth, roughly 30.000 people around the globe will receive exact element combination as we did. So the logical question is, how come that these famous people from our examples are so successful, the others are not?

If somebody is born, for example, with a superb chart for generating wealth, their level of success will depend a lot on their place of birth. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, for example, were born in surrounding with a lot of opportunities and culture for creating large businesses. Somebody with the same chart, but born in the poor area, will have far fewer opportunities to exercise their ability to generate wealth. Still, it's very likely that they will reach a reasonable level of success, but their surrounding will limit it.

Place of birth is not the only thing making a difference, our parents genetic, community culture, parents upbringing and formal education will shape significantly our ability to use given talents.

Despite all these conditions, the core of our talents will always be there, and it's just a question how far they can be extended. So regardless of our chart, hard work, life experience, open-mindedness and a good education is still very important to unlock our full potential.