Donald Trump - Five Elements Analysis of Character Traits and Talents

Yin Earth - Ji Earth 己

NAME: Donald Trump

PROFESSION: President of USA


DATE OF BIRTH: 14. June 1946







Master Element or ME is the central point of reference for every analysis. Interactions between ME and Five Elements shows us the strength and dynamic of Character ComponentsTalents, and Supertalents.

Donald Trump was born on a Yin Earth day; therefore Yin Earth is his Master Element. In this analysis, we will refer to it as ME.

A Yin Earth ME born in the middle of summer is considered to be very strong. In the summer season the Fire element is the strongest, and in Five Element cycle Fire is producing Earth.

On top of this, the hour of birth is Fire, and day and month is Earth, so we can confidently say that his Yin Earth Master Element is dominant.



Five Elements show us dynamics within the chart. It's better to have all Five Elements present, while entirely missing or having a fragile element, which is anything below 5%, will reflect poorly on our Character Components and Talents. An excessive Element, which is anything above 40%, can also be problematic.


Donald Trump has an extreme chart, and we will show you how his magnanimous personality is the result of it.

A Yin Earth ME born in the middle of summer, plus almost entire chart consist of Fire and Earth, makes his ME dominant, which also means somewhat difficult to control.

Except for a small amount of Wood, all elements are providing strength to his ME, while Water is entirely missing. But even Wood supports Fire, so we can say that there is no a single element which can challenge his ME.


Metal and Water are cold elements, Fire and Wood are warm elements, while Earth usually follows the strongest one. Here is very clear that this is a hot chart, mainly made of Fire and hot Earth.

Donald Trump has been almost entire life in real estate business, and in Chinese metaphysics, real estate business represents Earth, so no surprise that he build his empire using his most active element.


This chart desperately needs Water and Metal to cool down hot Earth. It is not possible for Water to control such excessive Fire and Earth, but it can at least bring some release for this fiery energy. We will see in Dynamic Talents section how his success is connected with the arrival of Metal and Water elements.


A person’s character consists of five main Components; those are MIND, BODY, CREATIVITY, WEALTH, and POWER.

We consider a prosperous chart when ME has access to WEALTH or POWER. The role of MIND and BODY is to provide support to ME and enhance other Components. CREATIVITY Component acts as a bridge, therefore in most cases is essential for chart flow.


Here we can see how these extremes are reflecting on his personality. Such excessive BODY Component represents mainly strong self-esteem and ego, combined with extreme competitiveness.

The way how Donald Trump runs his business, and now the whole country, is precisely using these strong character traits, where he presents himself strong and invincible, and he strives in competitions, especially in debates.

He has a strong sense of self, so often he might be unable to reflect on himself.

MIND Component supports BODY, in this case, providing a sharp intellect.

A weak CREATIVITY Component is quite a problem for this chart because it represents the output for the strong BODY. Weak CREATIVITY also means that Trump’s public image will not be well accepted, regardless of his efforts, he is merely unable to present his ideas and work in a way that is acceptable to the majority of people.

You will notice that WEALTH Component is missing entirely, and probably wonder how he got so rich? His chart relies a lot on Dynamic periods, so in certain years or decades he is able to make a lot of money because his capacity is huge, but when he enters bad periods, he can lose a lot as well.


In below graph, you will find the strength of each Talent and quality of its performance.



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Eight out of ten Talents are present in his chart, but only five of them are in high performance.

Self-Esteem is leading the pack, giving him a powerful boost of confidence in everything he does, but also a high dose of arrogance. Strong Competitor Talent gives him an edge in business and political negotiations. People with strong Competitor Talent are ready to do anything to get ahead unless they have some self-control within the chart, which he sometimes does, but more often he consciously overrides it.

Philosopher and Analyzer are supporting Competitor and Self-Esteem Talents, providing him with a very sharp intellect.

The most interesting Talent here is Diplomat, which is seemingly weak, but actually, has a crucial role in Trump’s personality. This Diplomat Talent is transformed into a Supertalent, bringing fame and charisma to Donald Trump. This Supertalent is the main reason why he is so obsessed with media, ratings, and coverage.

Two WEALTH Talents, Director and Pioneer, are entirely missing from his static chart, while Warrior and Diplomat are weak and in low performance.


The strength of each Talent is not the only factor in determining its impact. To understand their functionality entirely, we have to see whether they cooperate or disturb other Talents. Cooperations between Talents are vital for having a good chart flow. Even the weakest Talent can have a crucial impact if appropriately positioned or combined positively.

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Dynamic between Talents in Donald Trump’s chart is extremely simple. All four supporting Talents are providing strength to ME, while ME has only one object in mind, which is Diplomat Talent. We put three lines to show you the intensity of this connection.

The unique thing about Diplomat Talent, when it’s weak and unstable, as it is in his chart, it doesn’t represent authority, but fame and charisma.

This dynamic is the main reason why Trump is so keen for publicity, from TV shows, movies, adverts, extravagant parties and all the way to become a president of USA, all on the wings of strong charisma and his need for fame and publicity.

There are no interactions with two creative Talents, Performer, and Artist, but an interesting thing is happening in his Dynamic chart right now, more about that in the next section.


Every ten years each person is influenced by an additional set of elements, bringing dynamic to the static chart, therefore causing people’s destiny to go up and down all the time.

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Most of you are thinking by now, how on earth with such out of balance chart he managed to become so wealthy and famous?

The key is in his Dynamic periods. From age 18, until today, he was either in Metal or Water period, both these elements bringing him a very much needed balance. Ok, not balance, but at least a release for such strong Fire and Earth energy.

Only at one period, from 1983 to 1992, he was without either Water or Metal, and this is the period where his business had most troubles, eventually claiming bankruptcy at 1992, right at the end of his bad period.

But he recovered once he entered Water period in 1993, which means money for Yin Earth person, and long-needed moisture for a scorched Earth.

Regarding his political career, it is actually quite unusual that chart like this can gain such high position, actually highest possible in the whole world, but this is also thanks to his lucky period.

Since 2013 he is in a substantial Metal period, which boosts his CREATIVITY Component, giving him a voice, and a bit better image than before, or at least in the eyes of some people.

Another interesting thing which happened is that his Warrior Talent got unlocked, which means for him an authority position.

So, what we got now is an entirely unpolitical person running the most important office in the world. He got fortunate, all elements have aligned for him to get something that nobody would dare to predict to happen.


Donald Trump has such unique personality, he is exceptionally self-confident, or at least he appears to be so, thanks to active BODY Component, and uses his ego a lot to gain an advantage against opponents or to impress an audience.

With such extremes, it’s normal that he might act quite divisive among people, although his intentions might not be to do so.

Such dry and robust earth has a large capacity for Water, which means he is focusing on money a lot, but as we explained before, the whole structure is volatile; therefore he often loses a lot of money.

His run and eventual win of the presidential election is quite an extraordinary thing because he is not a political figure, and he doesn’t act like one. To reach high political position, one needs to have a stable POWER Component, either through Diplomat or Warrior Talent. In his Static chart both these Talents are weak, but thanks to Dynamic period, he was able to obtain such a position.

His key strength is extreme confidence, and many people love that. He also has a natural ability to connect with crowds, using his charismatic Supertalent, and strong BODY Component, so when you put all together, the impossible thing which couldn’t happen, just have happened, and it’s one of those “one in a million” situations.


At the moment of our birth, roughly 30.000 people around the globe will receive exact element combination as we did. So the logical question is, how come that these famous people from our examples are so successful, the others are not?

If somebody is born, for example, with a superb chart for generating wealth, their level of success will depend a lot on their place of birth. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, for example, were born in surrounding with a lot of opportunities and culture for creating large businesses. Somebody with the same chart, but born in the poor area, will have far fewer opportunities to exercise their ability to generate wealth. Still, it's very likely that they will reach a reasonable level of success, but their surrounding will limit it.

Place of birth is not the only thing making a difference, our parents genetic, community culture, parents upbringing and formal education will shape significantly our ability to use given talents.

Despite all these conditions, the core of our talents will always be there, and it's just a question how far they can be extended. So regardless of our chart, hard work, life experience, open-mindedness and a good education is still very important to unlock our full potential.