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Roger Federer - Five Elements Analysis of Character Traits and Talents

Yang Earth -Wu Earth 戊

NAME: Roger Federer

PROFESSION: Tennis Player


DATE OF BIRTH: 8. August 1981







Master Element or ME is the central point of reference for every analysis. Interactions between ME and Five Elements shows us the strength and dynamic of Character ComponentsTalents, and Supertalents.

Roger Federer was born on a Yang Earth day; therefore Yang Earth is his Master Element. In this analysis, we will refer to it as ME.

A Yang Earth person born at the beginning of the Autumn season is considered to be weak, but due to a solid amount of Fire element, his Yang Earth is well balanced.



Five Elements show us dynamics within the chart. It's better to have all Five Elements present, while entirely missing or having a fragile element, which is anything below 5%, will reflect poorly on our Character Components and Talents. An excessive Element, which is anything above 40%, can also be problematic.


A Five Element chart reveals a strong presence of Metal. Yang Earth ME produces Metal, which means that he is very productive. Metal Element is a bit too strong, and it needs a challenge from Fire, Wood or Water to reduce its strength

Earth, Fire, and Water elements are solid while Wood is weak, but this is not problematic at all, his chart works very well even without the presence of Wood.


Metal and Water are cold Elements, Fire and Wood are warm Elements, while Earth usually follows the most dominant.

In this case, cold Elements of Metal and Water are stronger than warm Elements of Fire and Wood.


This chart on its own is already very functional, but it needs more Fire to make it great. Water is also auspicious Element because of its ability to reduce an excessive Metal.


A person’s character consists of five main Components; those are MIND, BODY, CREATIVITY, WEALTH, and POWER.

We consider a prosperous chart when ME has access to WEALTH or POWER. The role of MIND and BODY is to provide support to ME and enhance other Components. CREATIVITY Component acts as a bridge, therefore in most cases is essential for chart flow.


When it comes to Character Components, CREATIVITY is dominating while MIND is stable and highly functional. These two, when working together, represent a high level of intelligence.

His BODY Component is substantial, but it should be stronger to withstand the physical pressure which comes when playing tennis on such levels as he does. We will show later, in Dynamic Talents section, how his BODY gets more support in the most crucial period of his life, to boost his tennis career.

The dynamic between Components shows us also that Federer is a type of player who uses intelligence and technique more than physical force. He is known to be one of the smartest players in the history of tennis.

WEALTH Component is substantial and plays a significant role. POWER is weak, but in the case of professional athletes, this Component is rarely needed, so he functions fine without it. POWER Component is more required for those individuals building careers in large corporations or politics.


In below graph, you will find the strength of each Talent and quality of its performance.



Click on the photo to enlarge

Talent Chart reveals a full strength of Federer’s intellectual and creative abilities. Nine out of ten Talents are present; one is inactive while eight are performing good or great.

The most important ones for him are Performer and Artist, which gave him creative abilities on the tennis field. Combination of two solid MIND Talents, Analyzer and Philosopher, and two CREATIVITY Talents brings Federer a superb intelligence.

For an athlete, two BODY Talents, Self-esteem, and Competitor are not exceptionally strong, but this shows us that Federer is the type of player whole likes to use his intelligence on the field, more than muscles.

Director and Pioneer are also highly active, contributing even more to his wide range of Talents, and boosting his ability to obtain wealth.

You will also notice that his Philosopher Talent has a status of Supertalent, which means that he is a compassionate person, and that’s a character trait which he shows on the court all the time. He respects his opponents, and you will never hear him talking badly about them. He is someone who is very attuned with his emotions, and he does not hesitate to show them.

Two POWER Talents do not have any influence in his chart. In this case, these Talents are not necessary; Federer’s Chart is functioning superbly even without them.


The strength of each Talent is not the only factor in determining its impact. To understand their functionality entirely, we have to see whether they cooperate or disturb other Talents. Cooperations between Talents are vital for having a good chart flow. Even the weakest Talent can have a crucial impact if appropriately positioned or combined positively.

Click on the photo to enlarge

The main feature in Federer’s Chart is a highly functional combination between MIND and CREATIVITY Components. This interaction shows us that he is a brilliant person, able to use his mind in highly creative ways.

Yang Earth ME produces CREATIVITY Component directly, which makes him highly productive, able to come up with quick, practical solutions.

Combination of BODY and WEALTH shows us that he is using his physical force to gain wealth, which means through sports activities he earns money, and this combo works very well in this case, unobstructed by other Components.

In the period between 2000 and 2009, he also has a combo between MIND and WEALTH which indicates having your own business, being independent, which is of course very much true. During this period he managed to turn his name into a highly successful brand, attracting the top sponsors and partners, therefore opening another source of income, besides tournament prizes. This feature indicates that he knows how to use his money to generate more wealth, and he will continue doing so even after he ends his professional tennis career.


Every ten years each person is influenced by an additional set of elements, bringing dynamic to the static chart, therefore causing people’s destiny to go up and down all the time.

Click on the photo to enlarge

Federer’s Static Chart is already quite good, but it needed an extra kick to make it exceptional. His main issue was excessive Metal which wasn’t active enough, so he needed more Fire and Water Elements to set things in motion.

The period between 2000 and 2009, when Federer started with professional tennis career, brought him the most needed Element of all, Yang Fire. This Yang Fire boosts MIND Component which interacts with CREATIVITY, and puts both Metal Elements, Yang Metal, and Yin Metal, into full motion, which means that his creative abilities have exploded, in a right way. During this period he cemented himself as the most significant tennis player of all time.

Another benefit from Yang Fire is that his, originally slightly weak BODY Component, gets also a boost, making him more fit to withstand the physical pressure which comes with professional tennis.

Many have expected that after age 30 Federer will lose his power and dominance, which have happened for a short period, but he came miraculously back to the top, playing his best tennis again. The reason for this is that from 2010 he entered wet Yang Earth period. This type of Yang Earth did two things for him; it kept his Yang Metal in productive mode by producing Water while maintaining his Yang Earth and BODY Component firm, giving him an extra boost to prolong his career way beyond age 30.

On top of this, a positive influence of Water element boosted his WEALTH Component, making his business strive.


Federer’s Static Chart is solid, but by entering those highly beneficiary Yang Fire and wet Yang Earth periods, his creative abilities went in full motion, and precisely in the time when he most needed for professional tennis, which is between age 20 and 40.

The combination of MIND and CREATIVITY is vital when it comes to his creativity on the tennis court, giving him excellent ability to adapt and improvise. He was also fortunate that his BODY Component got a boost, making him more resilient and prolonging his career and at the same time staying on the top for almost 15 years.

WEALTH Component played its role as well, making him the top paid tennis player of all time, able to run business and make sure that money grows through various investments.

Altogether, it’s an excellent chart which just keeps giving.


At the moment of our birth, roughly 30.000 people around the globe will receive exact element combination as we did. So the logical question is, how come that these famous people from our examples are so successful, the others are not?

If somebody is born, for example, with a superb chart for generating wealth, their level of success will depend a lot on their place of birth. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, for example, were born in surrounding with a lot of opportunities and culture for creating large businesses. Somebody with the same chart, but born in the poor area, will have far fewer opportunities to exercise their ability to generate wealth. Still, it's very likely that they will reach a reasonable level of success, but their surrounding will limit it.

Place of birth is not the only thing making a difference, our parents genetic, community culture, parents upbringing and formal education will shape significantly our ability to use given talents.

Despite all these conditions, the core of our talents will always be there, and it's just a question how far they can be extended. So regardless of our chart, hard work, life experience, open-mindedness and a good education is still very important to unlock our full potential.

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