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Cristiano Ronaldo - Five Elements Analysis of Character Traits and Talents

Yin Wood - Yi Wood 乙

NAME: Cristiano Ronaldo

PROFESSION: Football Player


DATE OF BIRTH: 5. February 1985







Master Element or ME is the central point of reference for every analysis. Interactions between ME and Five Elements shows us the strength and dynamic of Character ComponentsTalents, and Supertalents.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on a Yin Wood day; therefore Yin Wood is his Master Element. In this analysis, we will refer to it as ME.

A Yin Wood born between Winter and Spring season is considered to be very strong. This Yin Wood has a strong support of Water and Wood element, keeping it very healthy and sturdy, which is very important for competitive sports.



Five Elements show us dynamics within the chart. It's better to have all Five Elements present, while entirely missing or having a fragile element, which is anything below 5%, will reflect poorly on our Character Components and Talents. An excessive Element, which is anything above 40%, can also be problematic.


A Five Element chart reveals a strong presence of Wood, as we mentioned before. Earth, Water, Metal, and Fire are stable, each playing their role of control and support nicely.


Metal and Water are cold elements, Fire and Wood are warm elements, while Earth usually follows the strongest one. Here is very clear that this is a hot chart, mainly made of Fire and hot Earth.

Ronaldo has a good mixture of warm and cold elements, with the decent amount of Earth which brings stability.


This chart on its own is already highly functional. Yin Wood ME is healthy and produces Fire, which is regulated by Water and Metal. His capacity for production of Fire is high, and we will see in Dynamic Talents section how he gets more successful with more Fire element.


A person’s character consists of five main Components; those are MIND, BODY, CREATIVITY, WEALTH, and POWER.

We consider a prosperous chart when ME has access to WEALTH or POWER. The role of MIND and BODY is to provide support to ME and enhance other Components. CREATIVITY Component acts as a bridge, therefore in most cases is essential for chart flow.


For top athletes, two most essential Character Components are BODY and CREATIVITY. BODY provides them with stamina and protects them from injuries. CREATIVITY Components is especially crucial for those athletes who are always in the center of attention, like Ronaldo. It gives them creative abilities, but also a positive image, which is very important to attract fans.

His BODY is very strong, able to handle a lot of pressure. CREATIVITY is also excellent, but also his MIND Component.

MIND Component is usually not much needed when it comes to sports, but in this case, it shows us that Ronaldo is not just energetic and creative, but also very knowledgeable and compassionate person.

WEALTH Component fits very nicely in the whole dynamic, which means that he can gain wealth from his creative and athletic abilities.

POWER Component is also substantial and highly active.

Ronaldo practically doesn’t have any weak points when it comes to Character Components.


In below graph, you will find the strength of each Talent and quality of its performance.



Click on the photo to enlarge

From ten Talents, Ronaldo is missing only one, which is the Artist. From those nine, eight are performing very well.

The key Talent in Ronaldo’s case is Competitor. When it comes to high-level competitive sports, this is the essential one. It gives a person hunger to compete and to be better than the opponent. Because this Talent is part of BODY Component, it provides a person a physical strength, which means that Ronaldo’s primary work is with his body.

People with dominant Competitor Talent are often terrible at losing. When you watch Ronaldo after his team loses a game, you can see that it eats him from inside. But luckily that doesn’t last long with Competitors, next game is just around the corner, and they can snap out of it. Competitors live for a good fight, so spending too much energy on regrets is not their thing, but while they are still warm, and around the opponent, they can react furiously.

The second most crucial Talent in his chart is Performer. In football, and especially in offensive positions, Performer is a handy Talent because it brings them creative abilities but also makes them very attractive for fans. From all the Talents, Performers enjoy the publicity and glamour the most.

Analyzer Talent brings him intelligence, while Pioneer contributes with speed and unpredictability. All these character traits are apparent on the field and his style of game which made him one of the most successful players in the world.


The strength of each Talent is not the only factor in determining its impact. To understand their functionality entirely, we have to see whether they cooperate or disturb other Talents. Cooperations between Talents are vital for having a good chart flow. Even the weakest Talent can have a crucial impact if appropriately positioned or combined positively.

Click on the photo to enlarge

Although Competitor and Performer Talents are ones giving him fame and fortune, the Analyzer Talent is probably the most important in his chart, because it brings all Talents together. Analyzer Talent provides direct support to his Master Element and stimulates the growth and stability of Performer and Competitor.

These three Talents, Competitor, Performer, and Analyzer are interacting and supporting each other, creating a perfect collaboration and providing an excellent outcome for his overall chart.

Another intriguing detail is that his Analyzer Talent represents his mother, which means that she is very close to him and enormously influential. His mother is closer to him than any wife or girlfriend will ever be. It’s very likely that he will remain single, as long he has mother’s support. We could say that Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit of a Mommy’s Boy.

When it comes to his love life, he has no problem getting involved in relationships, but these connections are often very loose, and women usually live very far from him, or he doesn’t want them at home for very long.


Every ten years each person is influenced by an additional set of elements, bringing dynamic to the static chart, therefore causing people’s destiny to go up and down all the time.

Click on the photo to enlarge

Cristiano Ronaldo is now almost 33, which for a professional football player is the time when they are slowly preparing for retirement. But in Ronaldo’s case, this might not happen for another few years because he is at his peak performance.

From 2004 to 2013 he was under the stable influence of additional Wood and Water, which made him physically even stronger, but the most exciting period for him is from 2014, when he entered a period of hot Earth, which combines perfectly with his Wood, producing substantial Fire.

This Fire represents creativity for him, it gave a massive boost to his Performer Talent, making him even more prosperous and more famous than before. This Fire period will last all the way until 2023, so he has a chance to have another 4-5 years of excellent performance.


Ronaldo’s BODY Component is superb, for almost 15 years has provided him strength and agility. When you combine such power with creative abilities, like Performer Talent, you get an ultimate athlete, able to withstand pressure, be creative on the field, and attracting fans globally.

The presence of strong Water also shows that he is very knowledgeable and able to take care of his health, putting a lot of emphasis on his diet and fitness regime. He lives quite an ascetic type of life, putting the entire focus on optimizing his form, making sure that his body is in top condition and always ready for high performance.

All this shows us that his BODY Component is functioning superbly, and providing all necessary support to be creative and achieve wealth. When we look his entire chart and supporting Dynamic Talents, it’s no surprise that he is one of the greatest footballers of our time.


At the moment of our birth, roughly 30.000 people around the globe will receive exact element combination as we did. So the logical question is, how come that these famous people from our examples are so successful, the others are not?

If somebody is born, for example, with a superb chart for generating wealth, their level of success will depend a lot on their place of birth. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, for example, were born in surrounding with a lot of opportunities and culture for creating large businesses. Somebody with the same chart, but born in the poor area, will have far fewer opportunities to exercise their ability to generate wealth. Still, it's very likely that they will reach a reasonable level of success, but their surrounding will limit it.

Place of birth is not the only thing making a difference, our parents genetic, community culture, parents upbringing and formal education will shape significantly our ability to use given talents.

Despite all these conditions, the core of our talents will always be there, and it's just a question how far they can be extended. So regardless of our chart, hard work, life experience, open-mindedness and a good education is still very important to unlock our full potential.

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