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Kanye’s love

Kanye West has been rather active lately on Twitter, after a long period of silence, and he stirred a lot of controversies, as usual. Kanye is known for his against-the-stream mentality, and he often declares himself as a free-thinker. He…

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Leaving on Top

Every Birth Chart consists of two parts, the Static Chart, which we are born with, and Dynamic Chart, which is continuously changing. So even if you have an excellent Static Chart, the dynamic part will make sure that you have…

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Melania’s silence

Having friends in life is important, almost everybody can agree on that. Trying to go through life without cooperating, helping, or receiving help from others is extremely hard. Using the five elements chart information it's quite easy to see whether…

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The Rise of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift dropped a new single, so we took the chance to check her chart, swiftly! Her creative force is strong (very high 35% in our charts), it's definitely her main driving force. But for us somehow the most interesting feature…

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